The Codex Project 🏴


Hello, I'm Mohamad Kalaaji 👋🏻 Currently working as a software developer and I run Reconfigured a media outlet that explores the intersection of technology, culture, and society. I am also working on my own startup on the side as well

I have decided to publish all of my notes to the general public for free, these notes are captured from various sources (which they will be mentioned and sourced) in no specific order, a [[changelog]] will be added soon to know when a note got added

This project serves as a source of truth on everything I work on and as a public extention of my private second brain. My aim for this project is to document everything that I am doing and source it in everything I am working on in the present and future. A good example on this: articles written on Reconfigured gets sourced from notes written here, anyone who is interested to know where I got this info can find the sourced note and where its origin.

Polished well-structured connected notes will be written as separate articles on Reconfigured for members only, consider becoming a member to access those polished notes along with exclusive content and updates on upcoming podcast episodes here

This project is 100% free to the general public, there will be no ads or subscription to access it. Feel free to benefit from it as long you attribute/reference it

Codex is part of Reconfigured. All articles written there might be sourced from here or external sources, if you wish to support this project and other elements we produce (podcast, newsletter, and much more) then consider becoming a member on Reconfigured here